Crafters, customisers, restorers and masters of repair. 


Stringed instrument wizards 


We are customisers, crafters, restorers and masters of repair. We have arranged many taxations of destroyed and damaged instruments for insurance companies. We have been a renowned place of knowledge in the strange and wonderful world of stringed instruments. But above all we create instruments. If you are in need of anything concerning strings, feel free to contact us via the information below or come visit us in the beautiful city of Vlissingen (NL).

Some of our guitars have made their way to the loving hands of Sir Brian May, Steve Lukather, Danny Lademacher, Adje Vandenberg, Paskal Jakobsen, Dennis van Leeuwen (Kane), Tom Vanstiphout (Milow), Danny Vera, Angelo de Rijke (Anouk, Guus Meeuwis), Patrick le Duc and many others. We have even been the seldom super secret guitar tech for some. ;-) If you have any special wish or need a special thing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We don’t bite!


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